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The little USSR lens that could

(Main image taken with Helios 58mm f2 with Canon 1Dx) A friend of mine handed me a lens to play with, it’s a strange little thing that looks ridiculous on a large DSLR camera body, but I quite like it. I’m a bit of an unnecessary gear junky. I definitely have GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) I’m forever buying more photography equipment ‘because I will definitely need it’ and then selling it, because I really didn’t need it. Not only this, but it’s […]

Bluebells – My Little Nightmare

I enjoy photographing nature, it’s relaxing. Usually you are alone in the middle of nowhere, purely focussed on looking for something that you find to be beautiful, therefore your mind is set trying to see the best in everything you look at. Without trying to sound like a hippie, life doesn’t get more therapeutic and peaceful than this. Which brings me straight to the bane of my nature shooting life, the loveable sign of Spring …Bluebells. I like Bluebells, they […]

Equestrian Centres

As I was driving by the lovely Summerhouse Equestrian Centre yesterday, I suddenly realised that a good couple of years have flown past since photographing there. Because of other commitments I haven’t been able to visit, which is a shame, I must get there soon. There is something special about photographing people with their horses, which is why I enjoy having a relaxing day photographing at equestrian centres. As an individual who adores animals, naturally this was one of the first things that […]

Starting with a property

I received a phone call from a property client of mine, who had a beautiful one bedroom apartment that was in need of photographing. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out for the first time since surgery and I’m pleased that I did. It wasn’t easy, but just as enjoyable as ever. Finding nice angles and playing with the camera light settings was nice after five weeks. The property was actually very nice, situated along a desirable road in […]

Under the weather

I’ve been receiving lots of messages asking where I’ve vanished to, so I thought I’d make a post just to let everyone know that I’m ok, it’s only temporary disappearance, I’ll be back in May! As a few of you know, I’ve been a little under the weather recently. The reason why turned out to be a little more sever than expected, so I had to have some unexpected surgery in March. This means that I shouldn’t be lifting a camera bag until […]

Photography website finally finished

Main Image: Me photographing George Davies (of NEXT) wedding I know that I’ve been promising this for a long time, which is an understatement, however I am now pleased to announce that after three days of hard work, the new photography website is finally live! …Hooray! …I’ve used WordPress for the basic layout, which the majority of you will be familiar with as it’s the most simple and most popular CMS used today. The layout is basic, which was important to […]