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Size: 60cm x 40cm

As standard, your chosen photograph will be carefully printed directly onto high quality aluminium dibond, for a strong, easily cleanable finish, with perfect colour and contrast that will shine.

**Optional** Select your finish

Other than having your chosen photograph printed directly onto high quality aluminium dibond as standard, I have three alternative choices of aluminium print for you.

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It does take a lot of patience to photograph a bee; those furry little winged bears that we all love and benefit from.

As I was photographing this furry little fellow at a particularly well known garden in The Cotswolds, it wasn’t the thought that the vast majority of food I buy is thanks to him and his friends constant busyness that amazed me. It also wasn’t the fact that the food they directly produce, honey, is the only food in the world that never spoils over time that amazed me either.

What amazed me was the sudden realisation that, I was photographing an endangered species. As a photographer you have visions of grander, traveling the world across vast terrains to photograph endangered species, but no, the simple lovable bee that we all rely on could eventually disappear, making this photograph even more special.

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Dimensions 40 x 60 cm