Size: 60cm x 40cm

As standard, your chosen photograph will be carefully printed directly onto high quality aluminium dibond, for a strong, easily cleanable finish, with perfect colour and contrast that will shine.


**Optional** Select your finish

Other than having your chosen photograph printed directly onto high quality aluminium dibond as standard, I have three alternative choices of aluminium print for you.

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All across the Cotswolds comes a time when the air is thick with the pungent scent of Rapeseed flower. It wouldn’t be right that Spring turn into summer without it. Country runners and joggers will be particularly familiar with this heavy, yet not unpleasant aroma. However, the short lived cardiovascular assault is worth every breath, as this plant is what brings bursts of flavour to our food in the form of oils and mustards.

When you stop and look, the fields tend to flow ever onwards.

I shot this photograph using a very old lens, in fact, it’s so old it has ‘made in the USSR’ engraved. The lens produces stunning imagery, sharp in the centre, drifting outwards to softer edges and a strange, almost curled inwards bokeh, finished with a strong boarder vignette. I love it. Very dreamy.

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Dimensions 40 x 60 cm