Starting with a property

I received a phone call from a property client of mine, who had a beautiful one bedroom apartment that was in need of photographing. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out for the first time since surgery and I’m pleased that I did.

It wasn’t easy, but just as enjoyable as ever. Finding nice angles and playing with the camera light settings was nice after five weeks. The property was actually very nice, situated along a desirable road in Cheltenham, I’m sure they’ll have no problem at all with finding an interested party.

Now I’m spending the day going through the photographs, boosting and stitching. Property photography is more tricky than a lot of people realise, because you’re not allowed to edit too much afterwards, otherwise you’ll be giving a false representation of the property. This is why it takes so long to photograph a property, and why a lot of preparation is needed before the shoot.

However, boosting colour, light and taking out a wire or two is fine, so long as nothing is really being changed, like taking out wall cracks or covering damp, which properties that I photograph don’t usually suffer from.

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